Joe Falo


Joe at Ithaca Festival


Joe's music lends itself to a number of venues. For background ambience at your restaurant or opening as well as center stage entertainment, the musical performance is both intimate and soulful.

retirement communities

There are two things that all the retirement and continuing care communities have in common: 1) the residents are primarily senior citizens and 2) they love this music!

Joe's repertoire has been largely selected from the early part of the 20th century. This is the music that the residents listened to, danced to, and sang in their youth. There is no audience with greater enthusiasm and appreciation.


Add a touch of class to the opening of an art show or a business. The musical performance can be tailored to achieve the desired mood. In addition to guitar-vocal renditions, solo guitar arrangements can be included to create a subtle statement and pleasant atmosphere.

parties and celebrations

Live music adds a special note to an intimate gathering of friends. Add a subtle background sound, a concert performance, or both, to your next party. Make live music a gift to yourself or another.

cafes and restaurants

It can be observed that many establishments select jazz music, often the old standards, to provide the desired atmosphere. Quality live music will make an already great meal more memorable to your patrons.

fairs and festivals

Fairs and festivals often include live music. Joe's music is an appropriate enhancement for any event that can appreciate a jazz performance.