Joe Falo


Joe Playing Guitar



Joe Falo is a vibrant and entertaining performer.

His voice has been described by audiences as “lovely”, “beautiful” and “haunting”. His guitar accompaniment, using a 7-string guitar, complements the vocals with a swinging sensitivity and emotional range. Described by a duo partner, a great vibes player from an earlier time... "that is just the kind of guitar I like to hear".

Performing for years at openings, retirement communities, restaurants, festivals, and private parties, Joe’s music is accessible, enjoyable and a crowd pleaser.

Joe's intention: "to continue to grow and develop as a musician and to always give the best performance possible.”


For performance, Joe plays a 7-string solid-body guitar of his own design. He also plays a Bill Moll "Workingman's Hero" 7-string guitar. His amplifier is a Schertler Jam 150.